Friday, March 16, 2018

Southeast States and Capitals

Check out this Southeast States and Capitals Quizlet !  Thanks to Mrs. K. for making this for us!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Our Week In Review

This week, we had another visit from Mrs. Silvia, our anthropologist in residence from the Haffenreffer Museum at Brown University.  She brought artifacts and shared information about the Native Americans from the Plains region. What a great enrichment to our Social Studies Units.  We are grateful to our PCC for funding these amazing opportunities.

We finished reading Snow Treasure this week!  The children enjoyed this adventure story, and are excited about our next writing assignment... writing the next chapter in this book. This will be a partner writing activity next week.  We will be writing some mythology in the next few weeks, and connecting heroes in mythology to modern day heroes.  Students have continued to share their favorite books through book talks.

In math we have continued to learn about fractions and we began learning about the relationship between fractions and decimals.

In Social Studies, we will continue to learn about the Southeast Region of the United States next week.  Our Washington, D.C. projects were completed and look beautiful.  We will share them with one another on Monday.

During Technology today, students finished planning and begin recording their videos.  We also finished creating our tree houses.

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