Thursday, June 21, 2018

Our Last Week

Wow, what a year!  Yesterday was filled with emotions as the children said goodbye to their classmates.  I will miss each and every one of these ladybugs, but I know they are ready for their next adventure-- FIFTH GRADE!  They will be our school leaders, and I know that they are ready for this challenge!

 We had a terrific week to finish up fourth grade. On Monday, we began our final week with our last grade level Morning Meeting.  Next we had a visit from our Engineers in Residence, Mr. Leenhouts and Mr. Gill (former JFK Ladybug).  They circulated among our 4th grade classes as we worked in groups to create "hands-free" flashlights.  Each design was very different, and all our circuits worked!  After designing, we created advertisements to highlight our products.  We shared our designs with the other fourth grade classes. 

We finished our nonfiction writing and had a gallery walk, where we celebrated each other's work.  I think everyone learned a thing or two.

(The entire 4th grade, with Ms. Leuth, our music substitute.)

Our Elimination Game was a success!  The teachers won 2 games and the 5th graders won 1!

We all enjoyed a final book talk from this student. Mrs. Merten has already ordered the book!

Last Day Selfie

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Last Few Weeks of School

We have been working hard and enjoying the last few weeks of school.  Thank you to all parents and family members who helped out in some way with the activities we planned. We could not do them without your help.

Tie Dye Tuesday was a great success!  Our orange shirts came out great!

In science we have been studying energy and electric currents.  Students worked to light a bulb and "buzz" a buzzer.  We will be creating hands free flashlights next week.

We wrapped up our study of the United States with the AMAZING RACE. Student lassoed cows, found gold nuggets, built sand castles, shucked corn and competed in a Native American foot race.  The weather was perfect and the children had a lot of fun! I hope your child had a lot to share about this!

 The weather was perfect today for Sports Day!  The children were amazing sports, and all enjoyed the activities.  Many parents commented on our class's sportsmanship!  Way to go!